Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hello friends [and yes, I Do mean you],

We all have places in our lives that changed us forever. Maybe it was the place where your lifelong love asked your hand in marriage. Or maybe it's the bank you robbed and, afterwards, made you filthy rich.

The place that changed me was the intersection of Water Street and Brady Street near UW-Milwaukee. It changed me because that's where I was hit while riding my bike by a pickup truck. That's where I was comatosed.

Because that intersection changed my life, I plan on paying it a visit on April 1st [the day I was hit]. And I'll probably have a statement written telling the people gathered how I feel, how I'm doing, and my future goals.

I wonder if any of my readers have places in thier lives that changed them. Changed them for good or bad. If so, what are they?

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Hilary said...

whoa. When you wrote "dear reader," I told Jason I was sure you were writing to ME specifically. Were you listening? ;)
Everything I can think of seems so small next to your bike accident. I thought of Beaners, where I ran into Jason Samsa after years of not knowing eachother, years of going through good-bad-horrible life experiences in order to become decent people for eachother...I thought of that crappy hotel room outside of Chicago where I was reunited with my dad after 13 years of bitterness...I suppose those would qualify.


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