Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006 Tour De Appleton

Hello Gentle Readers,

The biggest bicycle race, Tour De France, is going on right now. I'm lucky that I can watch on television. It makes me drool for cycling again.

Luckily, there's a very popular race here in Appleton [where I live] starting in the beginning of August. It's called Tour De Appleton.

It's not open to everybody, however. There are some prerequisites...

The first prerequisite is that you should’ve, at one time, been busted for drunk driving.

The second is that your driver’s license should’ve been revoked.

The third, is that you should ride a cheap ass bike…Preferably bought from a place like Walmart... Something like a Huffy or Next.

I’m definitely going to sign up for it when I get my tricycle. Hopefully they’ll let me in…

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006 Breezer Bicycles

When I get back on a two-wheeled bike, I'm going to get a Breezer Bike.

Breezers are totally utilitarian. You can use them to run all your errands.

I especially like the folding bikes.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

7-2-06 Idea taken from "Memento"

That movie "Memento" greatly inspired me to improve my memory. In the movie, the main character has some severe brain damage, along with a very bad, short-term memory. To make up for his memory, he tattoos the major things in his life that he should remember on his skin.

I'd like to attempt the same thing. But my brain damage doesn't work the same way. I remember things in my distant past just fine. However, I don't remember short term things very well. In other words, things that have happened since I was comatosed.

So, instead of having my wife's beautiful face tattooed, along with her name, on my arm. I'd probably have the phrase, "The Brewers lost against the Braves on August 12, 2006."

Other tattoos:
"I ate some awesome Mexican food at Conejitos last night." [That'll explain why I have some serious gas]
"Try out those walker-dance lessons"
"You can't ride a skateboard anymore. So don't try it."
"You used to be in an awesome elevator music band."


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