Friday, March 10, 2006

3-10-06 More about Valley Packaging...MY ATTEMPTED STRIKE!!!

Like I told the reader, I once worked at Valley Packaging.

I had the oh-so difficult job of putting two wrapped packages of six rolls of toilet paper into a larger bag marked "Charmin Deluxe Toilet Paper".

While doing this mindnumbing work the thought of some corporate asshole patting him/herself on the back for coming up with the brilliant idea of saving Charmin money by, instead of wasting money on machines, having "mentally challenged" people package thier sacred Charmin Deluxe Toilet Paper .

This thought kept running through my head, so I visibly quit working. The others around me gave me looked at me with perplexed looks. I explained that I was going on strike, and I urged them to do the same.

Unfortunately, a lot of these folks are perfectly content being "Charmin Slaves", and my strike didn't get far. It did, however, get me called into the office to get reprimanded for "causing a scene."

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Hilary said...

I read this aloud to Jason and we chuckled heartily. We want to visit you sometime, btw.


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