Friday, March 03, 2006

3-03-06 Unschooling

My daughter is such a lucky girl. My wife and I are "unschooling" her. In other words, we guide her as she teaches herself. She'll find her own interests, and not have them imposed on her by school or fellow piers.

Here's a link to a blog written by one of the biggest homeschooling proponents, John Taylor Gatto: Gatto.


I plan on writing a sci fi story about unschooling. In it, there's a child who's fortunate enough to be unschooled.

He learns much diffent things than his friends in school. His friends and thier parents think that the kid is totally strange and out-of-date.

All of a sudden something happens that severely threatens the fate of Earth. And the kid uses his unschooled knowledge to save Earth.

He becomes a hero!


I know that there are a lot of people that think homeschooling is crazy. To these people I ask, "Before public, cumpulsory education was intacted, was EVERYBODY stupid? If not, why?"

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Hilary said...

the thought of putting our girls in public school scares me to death.

Most of the kids I know here in Madison are either "unschooled" or in some kind of non-traditional private school (and those all cost more than the university...)

I want your daughter and my daughter to be friends.

Yeah I'm creepy.


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