Sunday, April 16, 2006

4-16-06 Bicycle Greenways

I'm going to use this blog to respond to an article about "National Bicycle Greenways" [NBGs]. The article can be found on the following site:

NBG Vision

Our Vision of Two-Wheel Unity

Imagine a tree shaded path that cycle tourists, bike commuters, those out for a family ride, and people of all ages and nationalities can come together on to have their biking needs met; a network of bike roads and paths that all of these users can ride side by side on to get to wherever it is that they may need to travel. Car drivers already have such a network of arterials -- the interstate system. And yet while on the Greenway network we envision there is laughter, the smell of fresh cut grass or newly plowed earth, and the faint sound of gears clicking and birds chirping merrily away. On America's freeways, enclosed in their metal capsules, its users are pitted against one another and the planet itself. On their roads, as a result of the way they are designed, motorists only further implode this great sense of separation (not to mention the damage they are causing to one another and the earth itself) that they feel from the planet and from their fellow man.

[Great job contrasting how things are now, in our automobile-dependent culture, to how you envision to be without the auto.

However, when you write about how things are now, you use the phrase "on thier roads". I'm confused that you used the word "thier". Sure, you might not have a car, but you do use the thier roads. So, even though you don't want to admit it, they are your roads too. ]

More to come...

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