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4-09-06 Last names and a Nanostory

It is the 21st century you know, so when a couple gets married they should sit down and discuss who's last name they're going to take. It's totally sexist that it's just assumed that the woman will take the man's last name.

If I were a woman with a very cool last name and my fiance had the last name Pinknolobula, I'd be totally horrified that, not only me, but, my future children will have that that as a last name.

If you've never heard of "Nanofiction" check the following site out:

I was so inspired that I wrote my own nanostory. It's sci fi of course:

Saturn's ring band

The space band played in a club on Saturn's ring.

There were three Saturnians in the band. Moolah Doolah was in charge of eminating sounds that kept rhythm. Contripity was in charge of the sounds that made melody, and Flappy sang.

The group replayed sounds collected from the far away planet Earth.

The "drummer" Moolah Doolah rhythmically replayed the amplified sound of a golf club hitting a golf ball. The sound was collected from Appleton's Butte Des Morts' Country Club's golf course.

Contripty played the amplified whistle of an Earthling named Cullen who was waiting in line an the Earthling grocery store to pay for a twelve pack of "Pabst Blue Ribbon".

Flappy Belted out the Saturnian tune:

Snowshee Burblap
Pooplew Dobolew
Powfree Curflap
Foopew Pomofew!!!

The song moved the audience to tears.

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Hilary said...

I think it was this nanostory that planted the seed in my head that you drink beer.


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