Friday, September 30, 2005

"9-30-05 Harriet Carter continued...

"Money Talks" Money Clip - [ A silver money clip with the inscription "Money talks...but all mine ever says is good-bye"] [Catalog description] will help you hang on too those bills that just seem to fly away! Handsome, lightweight money clip keeps bills secure and won't bulk in suitcoat or trousers...
"Agree With Me"Tee - [A black shirt containing the phrase "You can agree with me or be wrong!"] [Catalog description] is perfect for those who aren't afraid to take a stand and who aren't afraid to let everyone know it!
Doggie Christmas Suit [A picture of a miserable looking dog dressed like Santa Claus] [ Catalog description] - will make your pooch the hit of the holiday season. There'll be delighted squeals from your family as doggie runs around as cute as can be in this santa-inspired jacket with its own belt, and hat over one ear!


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