Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jinbobobby Womy

Praise To Jingobobby Womy

A guy is eating in a restaurant with his sexy girlfriend [all of the girls in my stories happen to have this feature...IE "Sexiness"]. A family - Mom, Dad, Son, and Daughter - enters the restaurant and sits in the booth next to the couple.

They get their meal. But before they eat, they pray. However, they don't pray to God, like normal Americans would. The entity they pray to happens to be name Jingobobby Womy [I hope this sounds ridiculous like it's supposed to].

The guy sitting near the family happens to hear the son's prayer:"Dear Jingobobby Womy help me find my favorite Robo-mutant action figure. I lost it, and have no idea where it is!"
On his way out, the guy's sexy girlfriend spots the boy's Robo-mutant laying in the parking lot next to his cardoor.

He grabs the action figure, goes back into the restaurant, and proudly gives it to the boy.
"Thanks Jingobobby Womy!" the father rejoices looking up, with his hands in the air, towards heaven.
The End

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