Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009


My daughter, Veronica, likes to invent her own, sometimes very peculiar, games.

For example, I just got done playing one of her games called "Who'swhatwinswhat".

This game is played with two people. One person closes their eyes and, at the same time, makes their limbs limp. The other person manipulates the limp person's limbs to whatever position the other person wants. For example, while my eyes were closed, I felt my hand mess up my hair and my finger go up my nose.

The manipulator tells the limp person when they can open their eyes. It's very important to be visibly embarrassed by your new position.

The manipulator then counts to ten. Whoever says the phrase "Who'swhatwinswhat" first wins, and gets to be the manipulator.

I honestly have no clue where she got the phrase "who'swhatwinswhat", but I have to admit it's a very creative phrase for a very creative game

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