Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009...Dance Your Ass Off.

I just got done watching "Dance Your Ass Off" while eating lunch.

The contestants in this show start out chubby, and compete for the biggest weight loss. In the website's words: "Twelve finalists, nearly 3,000 lbs, one goal -- to go from an eating machine to a dancing machine..."

While watching it, I took what they said about living as a fat person as true.

But, how do I know that they're being honest!?!? Afterall, the show needs ratings to survive. Maybe the show's producers secretly script the show, and market as reality to get ratings?

If this is how it really is, we'll have a generation growing up thinking that fiction is true. And their lives will mimic this false reality. In short time, we'll be living in a world created humans...

There's a sci-fi novel in this idea somewhere!

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