Thursday, May 18, 2006

May 18, 2006 Kevin Kendall

On November 6th, a cyclist named Kevin Kendall died when a car hit him on his bicycle. For more info, check out the following link: Kevin Kendall.

His death really struck me because I went through something very similar. But, obviously, unless I'm typing this from the great beyond, I didn't die.

I especially like his quote,“My citizenship is in Heaven.”

It's so true, if you think about it. Heaven is a place that we'll all end up some day. So really, we've all been citizens of heaven since birth...

...unless you're into death metal. Then It'd be nerdy to say that you're a citizen of Heaven. It'd be way cooler if you said, "My citizenship is in hell. And Satan is my president!"

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Jeremy Kroening said...

Kevin Kendall was killed in an automobile accident, while he was in a car. He was not killed while riding his bike.


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