Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5-02-06 How things are now...

This head trauma [AKA brain damage] has changed the way I view pain in others.

More specifically, I view people who I once viewed as "pussies" or "wimps" as people who haven't had to deal with a lot of pain. Now I view them as "lucky".

I'm going to write a story about a person who has gone through life without experiencing any pain.

He ends up getting an office job because, of all the jobs he applied for [I'll have him apply for some strange, eccentric jobs too] he thinks, it's the easiest, pain-free one to deal with.

However, he stays late one day to finish a report that's due the next day.

While coallating it, he ends up getting a paper cut. He absolutely flips out, collapsing and writing on the floor in "pain". He ends up calling 911.

Unfortunately for him, it starts to bleed. Seeing this, he decides that he'd rather die by jumping from the high building than bleed to death.

So he jumps to his death.

All over a paper cut.

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Anonymous said...

Cullen that’s tragic, hilarious & fucking brilliant!


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