Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6-27-05 Shaggy Planet


I picked up an awesome Sci Fi book from the thrift store for 25 cents. It's called Shaggy Planet and it's by Ron Goulart.

It's, undeniably, a piece of pulp fiction. I'm greatly inspired by it though. Especially the beginning.

In the beginning there's a short entry... a sort of literary prelude...called Peluda. I thought
I'd share it with my reader's:

*****A big hovering olive-color box dropped two rugged old men into the mud. "Here's your longlost grandfather," announced the hover truck.
*****"Bullshit," said the woman.
*****"For crying out loud," said the truck. "They must be - at least one of them."
*****A thin little boy ran from the hut. "Grandpa! Grandpa!" he cried.
*****"See?" said the truck. "Your child ought to know his own grandfather."
*****"He's not my child," said the woman. "He's that dopey kid you stuck me with last week."
*****"Your awfully critical of our relocation program," said the truck. "Our Peluda goveernment is working night and day to move you wretched people out of potential war zones, and all you do is complain"
*****"As a matter of fact," said the woman, "you didn't even reunite me with the right husband. But the one you found is better than the old one, so I won't bitch on that score."

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