Tuesday, November 29, 2005

10-29-05 fun times in brain damage group

I regularly go to a brain damage support rehabilitation group. It's supposed to help me. How?I really have no fucking idea.

For example, today I took kleenex out of the box it normally comes in, and put the kleenex in a larger box. Every time we fill up a larger box, we're supposed to mark it down.

I've figured out how it helps me! It helps me get really fuckin pissed! It helps me feel like a useless mentally-challenged bloke.

Before they get us going, they should explain why we're doing what we're doing.

But they don't because the kleenexes are probably being shipped off to help Neo-nazis and Klan members.

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a. said...

Hi Skullen. Glad to see you're blogging. That stuff about the brain rehab group is pretty interesting. One of the most influencial people in my life was a guy who returned from a complete mental wipe out. He was in the hospital for 4 years because of it. One of the things he did when he got back home was get wooden crates from the fruit stands, the kind that are held together with the tiny nails. He would spend hours taking them apart then nailing them back together again. By practicing this and other simple tasks he gradually reclaimed his abilities and went on to live a fully productive and happy life.

I use his method too. I've got my own brain issues ... too many drugs for too many years take their toll.


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